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KC Veterinary Physiotherapy offers a range services across the North West, Merseyside area. 
Each session will include the initial in-depth assesement statically and dynamically, palpation assesement, treatment and tailored rehab plan/homework exercises
This can be exteremly useful in managing degenerative joint conditions or post operative cases



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Manual therapy & Stretching

Manual therapies such as massage, myofascial release, compression or cross fibre massage can improve the tissue quality, reduce restrictions, reduce muscle stiffness and pain, improve the health and healing of the muscles. Allowing your animal to move in a pain free way and using their body correctly.
Stretching can improve flexibility and range of motion as well as reduce joint related pain and improve the posture and mobility.


Electrotherapies can have a range of effects based on the condition, area of the issue and modality chosen
Stimulatory - electrotherapies can stimulate tissue growth, healing and improve tissue quality reducing the scar tissue. They can also increase blood flow and lymph removal allowing for optimal functioning of the softi tissues
Inhibitory - Electrotherapies can have an inhibitory effect reducing pain and inflammation in the area through  inhibiting the transmission of pain signals or inducing a natural opioid release within the body.

Rehabilitation Plans/ Maintenance exercises

After each session a set of exercises will be perscribed based on the animal's musculoskeletal health. The exercises will focus on improving aspects such as muscle mass and muscle atrophy, increasing range of motion, improving the gait pattern and posture as well as reducing the pain and discomfort as a result of poor posture, gait or compensations

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