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AHPR registered and fully insured

I am a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist. I graduated from Writtle University College in 2022 with a masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I then continued my education gaining a Canine Hydrotherapy level 3 and level 4 qualifications.  I specialise in rehabilitation of canine and equine clients with experience in rehabilitation of the post operative orthopedic cases and neurological cases as well as rehabilitation and maintenance of progressive conditions such as arthritis, dysplasia or luxating patella. 

I have alsways had a passion for animals and have always wanted to work in equine sector. However, through my years at university I developed a passion for working with dogs and have massively enjoyed the canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions I could provide and how big of a difference they could make to their health and wellbeing 

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Physiotherapy is a widespread term encompassing a wariety of treatments including soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapies such as laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, PEMFT, TENS etc. as well a bespoke rehabilitation plan including tailored exercises targeting specific tissues or areas of the body which will aid in recovery, healing and improving condition. Physiotherapy can equally be a tool to prevent injuries, improve performance and strenght of the animal ensuring a longer and healthier sports career or just allowing the animal to enjoy the life comfortably for longer
Physiotherapists combine the extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system as well as the knowledge of common conditions and diseases in order to recognise, treat and prevent future issues. Physiotherapy can improve musculoskeletal health improving animals welfare. It can aid in building muscles and condition allowing the body to suppost the joint and move in the most optimal way. It can improve healing and reduce pain aiding in recovery from injuries or helping to maintain mobility in case of degenerative conditions.

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